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Универзитет у Крагујевцу
Агрономски факултет у Чачку
основан 1978. године


New opportunity - Stanislaw Ulam Programme


Invitation - Powislanski University in Kwidzyn

On the behalf of Powiślański University we would like to invite you to participate in Stanislaw Ulam Programme. It is for individuals, but we would be most grateful if you could disseminate this information around your University in hope anyone is interested.

The Stanisław Ulam Programme - the programme allows both recognised and promising scientists with at least a PhD degree to come to Poland, who will strengthen the scientific potential of Polish units and join in their scientific activities, primarily research projects and didactics. Under the programme it is possible to invite to Polish science and higher education institutions scientists representing all fields of science and coming from various countries in the world. Universities and research institutes may invite to Poland specialists in their priority areas who will significantly develop the scientific research conducted by a given institution, strengthen didactics, or support the institution in preparing applications for prestigious grants. The deadline for applications is 29th of February.